Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Cousin Merle Kessler

Image from the back of his K-Ark LP
Cousin Merle Kessler (at left)



Merle was from Riceville, Iowa, and recorded for K-Ark in Nashville.  He had one LP and 4 singles that I am aware of.
I don't own a copy of LP, but, I got the audio from somewhere a while back, so it's also in the download folder.

The K-Ark Cat # 1093 was used twice, probably inadvertently.

K-Ark 1093
Year:  1971
Label location:  Nashville, Tn
Pressed by:  ?

Sweet Lies

Shoe Shiner's Daughter

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Pick Temple ‎– Folk Songs Of The People

This collection of songs was issued as a 10'' LP and as two volume 45rpm 7'' set.  All were in heavy cardboard sleeves.   This is the 10" format.



X - LXA-3022
Year: 1954
Label location:  New Jersey?
Pressed by:  RCA