Sunday, June 10, 2018

Soma (miscellaneous)

The first Soma 45rpm, circa 1955

Wall in the offices of the company
For the past few years I have taken up the task of acquiring copies of every disc issued by Soma records of Minneapolis.  The company didn't leave behind any ledgers that we know of, so a full discography is unavailable.  I compiled an excel file (included in download) listing all the discs I know of.  On that list there are 281 singles (78rpm and 45rpm) and roughly 50 Lps.  I am missing about 70 of the 45s, and need to upgrade about 30 of my discs that are lower quality than VG+.  The first 30 or so discs were pressed on both 45rpm and 78rpm.  Many of the first Soma discs were songs originally issued on the FM Recordings label in Hollywood, CA.  Not sure how that came to be.  Those who knew are most likely deceased.  I hope someday to have all the records, but I'm not entirely sure I'll end up finding all of them.  It's been fun so far and I have no reason to give up. I don't have plans to do anything with the collection once (or if) it is ever complete.  I suppose I have plenty of time to think about it.

I thought I'd upload some of the lesser known discs, which individually wouldn't be worth posting.  I have also included my list of needed records, in case anyone out there can help.   And inside the download folder is a brochure catalog (says complete but it is not) printed by the company, circa 1963.  I was able to scan this rare document from the collection of Dan Heilicher's son Jamie.