Friday, November 25, 2016

Max Brown


Applause 8-1241
Year:  1960
Label location:  Ralston, Nebraska
Pressed by: Kay Bank


Tell Me Now

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David Orr

Klub (no cat #)
Year: 1967
Label location: Greenville, South Carolina
Pressed by: Rite

A Broken Heart

Always Love Me

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Friday, November 11, 2016

Tops Hillbilly (2nd batch)

Here is the 2nd batch of Tops hillbilly covers from my collection (and one track from ebay).  About 42 tracks, in all.  I've also included another one from the budget Waldorf label.  It even says "Bonus" on the label, so that's what it is here too.

Not all tracks on the discs were included.  Sometimes the records are in such bad shape that the needle won't track through the grooves.  And in other cases, such as Hank Smith, I didn't include them because that's actually George Jones under a pseudonym.  And you should already have everything he did by now.

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