Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Les Waldroop And His Carolinans


Les Waldroop 1930-1989

Some biographical info about Les, about halfway down the page:

I've never seen any photos of Les, but I bet his brother Steve has some.  If he sees this post, please email me.  Thanks.

Potter PR-1008
Year: 1955
Label location:  Potter, Wisconsin
Pressed by: Kay Bank

I Love Dixie
Moonlight's A-Wastin'

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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Jim Wallin and the Blueberry Pickers

Year: 1964
Label location:  Rogersville, Tennessee
Pressed by: Rite

I Like To Dream

A Prisoner Outside Prison Walls

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Friday, June 26, 2015

Ebay 45s vols 15 & 16

Love Affair

Volume 15 - 42 tracks

Volume 16 - 39 tracks

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Rocky Rose and the Noblemen

An ebay seller claims this label was owned by Wayne Raney and Jimmy Zack.

Charles L. Rose:

American 104
Year: 1960
Label location: Muncie, Indiana
Pressed by:  Kay Bank

Won't You Reconsider

This Is The First Time

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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Joan Hager

Joan was a featured guest on Country Style USA.  I've included the mp3 from that radio show.

A few sites featuring Country Style USA broadcasts cite her performance as ~1950, but that can't be true since she recorded "Another Woman's Man" in 1954.  She says in her intro to the song that she recorded it "not too long ago" for Mercury, so that means the broadcast must have been 1954.




Seeburg Discotek 7014
Year: 1965
Label location: Chicago, Illinois
Pressed by: ?

Valley Of Tears

When You Wanna Be Loved

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Sam Atchison


Atchison 1002
Year:  1974
Label location: Port Arthur, Texas
Pressed by: Houston Recorders

Love Me

Anyway You Want Me

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Monday, June 22, 2015

Greg Scott And the Embers

The name Greg Scott is fictional.  You can read about this group here:


The debate continues as to which record came first.  Usually a song jumps from a smaller label to a bigger one, but in this case the Kay Bank matrix number is higher on the Deloss record.  Not sure why, or if it is really important.

The webpage referenced above says the Deloss record came first, so that's what we'll go with here.

Deloss 101
Year: 1961
Label location: Spencer, Iowa
Pressed by: Kay Bank

When I Say Goodbye


Soma 1162
Year: 1962
Label location: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Pressed by: Kay Bank

Old Man River

When I Say Goodbye

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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Carl Clark

Kay 305 / 306
Year: 1963
Label location: East St. Louis, Illinois
Pressed by:  Rite

Woman Of The Year

Good To Have You Back

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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Carl Baer and the Ascots

acecate from recording session, sold on ebay

Soma 1199
Year: 1963
Label location: Minneapolis, Mn
Pressed by: ?

You Gotta Be A Playboy

Write Me A Letter

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Little Sandy Parker

I'm posting labels I found online to show what not taking care of your records can do.  My copy is the bad one.  Luckily the vinyl was in better shape than the label.

In the dead wax is etched: Phillips SM


Erwin E-Z 500
Year:  1963
Label location: Memphis, Tn
Pressed by: ?

That's The Reason (I'm Leaving Town)

You Once Had Eyes Just For Me

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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Augie Garcia Quintet

Augie Garcia Quintet at the River Road Club, Mendota Heights, Mn

Augie Garcia 1932 - 1999

Augie has been in the local news during the past few months because of a live-action stage play about his life, which ran at the History Theatre in St. Paul, Mn.  I was out of the country and didn't know about the play until after it ended.  So I sadly didn't get a chance to see it.  Hope they revive it sometime in future.

I thought I'd share audio (some of it from my vinyl) from the 4 records he made,  three on North Star and one on Kirk.  The Kirk record was pressed on cheap vinylite, and the glue they used to affix the label was poor quality.  So all copies I've seen have the labels coming off, or missing entirely.  I've never seen any other record from the Kirk label, so it was probably the only release.  Augie's records usually go for $30-100 on ebay, depending on condition and which was the wind is blowing on that day.

The River Road Club was located underneath the Mendota Bridge in Mendota Heights, Mn.  The bridge spans the Minnesota river near its confluence with the Mississippi River.   The bridge was built in 1925.

Here's a bit of reading on Augie's life:

Augie Garcia Quintet Discography
North Star 2023 - Drinking Wine Spoli Oli / Hello Baby (1955)
North Star 2025 - Hi Yo Silver / Going To Chicago (1955)
Kirk TJ I133 - Ivy League Baby / Let The Good Times Roll (1956)
North Star 2065 - Ring-A-Ling-A / Be My Guest (1957)

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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Bobby Houston

Dexter 103
Year: 1964
Label location: Rossville, Georgia
Pressed by: Sound of Nashville

Ist Eine Luger (it's a lie)

Dear Old Crazy Heart

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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Bill Spach and Reid Cook

Blue Chip BCR 101
Year: 1964
Label location: Charlotte, North Carolina
Pressed by: Kay Bank

That's Why I'm Feeling So Blue

Little Joe

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Monday, June 15, 2015

The Phillipps Sisters

Dominion 1012
Year: 1962
Label location: Salem, Virginia
Pressed by: Southern Plastics

A Candle And A Glass Of Wine

If You Should Leave Her

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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Jack Turner

Our French blogger friend wrote a nice piece 5 years ago that is still good reading:

I tried to find which pressing plant used the letter F in it's matrices, but nothing.

Hickory 1057
Year: 1956
Label Location: Nashville, Tenneeseee
Pressed by: ?

Lookin' For Love

It's My Foolish Pride (that's talkin)

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John Beck

John was a member of the California group The Leaves.

JBFH 45-001
Year: 1965
Label location: Detroit Lakes, Minnesota
Pressed by: Kay Bank

Come Away Melinda

When The Ship Comes In

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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Waldorf Country And Western HIts 10'' ep

Waldorf records were sold exclusively at Woolworth's.  Not sure if Enoch Light had his own pressing operations, or if he used Synthetic Plastics Company in Newark.

Waldorf MH 33-129
Year: 1955
Label location: Harrison, New Jersey
Pressed by:  ?

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Friday, June 5, 2015

Mae & Shorty Whitson

Delbert Herschel (Shorty) Whitson and Elma Mae Boone Whitson

Bramble 109
Year: 1957
Label location: Cincinnati, Ohio
Pressed by: King

I Can't Live My Life All Alone

Remember Dear

Bramble 112
Year: 1957
Label location: Cincinnati, Ohio
Pressed by: RCA

Lying Lips

Here Sits A Fool

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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Carl Sandburg

In my opinion this 1938 version is superior in quality:

It appears this was issued earlier as a 4-disc 78rpm album with sing-a-long book.

Decca DL 9105
Year: 1960

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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Hoyle Nix

The piano player he lauds on the record is Millard Kelso

Bo-Kay 107
Year: 1959
Label location: Lamesa, Texas
Pressed by: RCA

The Kind Of Love I Can't Forget (vocal Ben Nix)

Winston Records:

Winston 1059
Year: 1961
Label location: Abilene, Texas
Pressed by: 4star (?)

She's Really Gone

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