Thursday, May 7, 2015

Ebay 45s volume 14

36 tracks

With Love That's True

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zephyr said...

Thank you very much Derik

Apesville said...

The Bill Carter EP is tagged wrong The label = Honee B (CA) EP - 103 from 1959/60?

Apesville said...

Bill Carter With The Cooper Brothers also had Honee B (CA) 45 - 104 : Jailer Man / Legend Of Billy The Kid (1960)

Honee B (CA) 45 - 102 : Johnny Skiles With The Tonettes "Comin' Home To You (1959) is Good Rockabilly

Apesville said...

Thanks Derik, I can't wait for the next volume. You filled a few gaps again. I posted the acme & Allstar 45 on my Blog as updates with a credit to you.