Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Dickie Goodwin

This one's a real mystery.

Neal 101
Year: ?
Label location: ?
Pressed by: ?

I Miss You So

In My Own Familiar Way

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Mellow said...

Another one I would rate as a Plastic Products pressing, I suspect. Can you read the dead wax?

Derik said...

Nothing in dead wax. What indicates Plastic Products?

Mellow said...

I'm not quite sure. I compared records which I know are Plastic Products pressings and they all have the same typeface on the label. Many record labels with a similar design and the same font appeared a lot in and around Memphis. Bobby Lee Trammell's "Arkansas Twist" on Alley has been pressed by Plastic Products for example. Check out Clearmont, Stomper Time, Millionaire, Cotton Town Jubilee, Cover, Black Gold, Philwood, Erwin, Memphis, Diplomat, CD, Clearpool, Crystal, and others. All the same font.

I have to admit it seems also other presses like Monarch and Rite used that font but you can tell them apart from their special matrix code. Plastic Products obviously didn't have a chronologial numerical system.

Derik said...

Yes, thanks for your input Mellow.