Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Cactus Slim

"The first cast member selected for the Barn Dance was Herbert Woodrow Wilson.  Known as Cactus Slim, he headlined the opening Sunset Valley broadcast.  Rail-thin, quiet and humble, Cactus Slim played string bass in the band and performed single vocals such as Little Red Wagon, accompanying himself on guitar.  Until his death late in the show's run, Cactus Slim was a mainstay of the cast." - (excerpt from the book "David Stone In Sunset Valley", copyright 1983 by Gerarld Barfuss)

I am not sure if there was more than one artist going by the name Cactus Slim.  Searches come up with another (or the same?) Cactus Slim, as The Lonesome Serenader.

other issues by Cactus Slim on the FM label, which I don't have yet:
FM 348 - My Little Red Wagon / I Walk Alone
FM 385 - Cowboy Polka / Barbara Polka

FM 435
Year: 195?
Label location: Los Angeles, Ca
Pressed by: FM

It's Wrong

Last Letter

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Grandpa Man said...

I have Cactus Slim on M. M. Cole transcriptions from early 1940s. I have 12 songs, as I remember. Sounds similar to your Cactus Slim on FM records.

Derik said...

Nice. Is there some way you can share it?

Johan said...

The Lonesome Serenader is the same guy.
There were at least two MM Cole discs no. 23-26 (in all 23 songs). My listing of MM Cole transcriptions have 8 unknown nos. 15-22 (ie 4 discs) just before Cactus Slim. They may of course be by another artist.
One more FM disc no 470
I Love You Because/Tomorrow...

Unknown said...

Herb Wilson AKA Cactus Slim played bass with our band called The Gallivanters in 1962-'63. We played Irish and American folk music. Any money we earned at that time, we gave to Slim.

Slim wrote a song and got regular royalty checks but I can't remember the name of the song.

Slim picked up a job hosting a talent show at a night club on University Ave. in St. Paul (now called the Turf Club). He needed people to enter the show and asked us to come out and enter. We hesitated because it would be embarrassing to not win. Slim said, "You'll win." So we went out, entered, and sure enough, we won. We won for several weeks running and Slim said he was getting complaints so he cut us down to 2nd place. We sort of lost contact with Slim after that.

I have more stories about Cactus Slim.

Slim passed on in 1974 at the age of 52. He's buried in the Fort Snelling Veterans' Cemetery.

Derik said...

Thank you Liam for that informative comment. The more information we can save about these local musicians, the better. Any picture or anything else to share, send me an email.