Friday, January 17, 2014

Melba Montgomery

The B-side of this single was re-issued on this compilation, which is where I first heard it.  I always liked the song and was happy to find the original disc.  I was even happier to get home and find the original record is 2:22 seconds, compared to the compilation version which is only 1:30 seconds.  They cut a lot of the guitar breaks out of singles, in order to fit as many songs on one LP as possible.  The buyer walked into the drugstore seeing an LP with 30 songs on it for only a buck, and it seemed like a great deal.  I'm sure most folks never noticed they were hearing truncated versions, just like I myself never knew it until I bought this disc.

I love her duets with John Prine from 1999's "In Spite Of Ourselves".

Wikipedia: Melba Montgomery

Nugget NR-243
Year: 1965
Label location:  Goodlettsville, Tn
Pressed by: Sound of Nashville

Somewhere, Somenight (I'll find my baby)

Hello True Love (goodbye to you)

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Unknown said...

Oh Yes! I love Melba. Thanks

Timmy said...

The second one here, "Hello True Love" is a great number. Perfect instrumentation, sound quality & vocal performance. THANX!

bigCman said...

Do you still have this one? It says it's expired. Thanks for putting Melba music out for people to hear, most don't know what they are missing.


Derik said...

New links posted. Thanks for visiting bigCman.