Monday, January 20, 2014

Aleene Strawn

There are 12 records from this label listed in B.J.'s Guide to Country & Rock N Roll, from 1956-1958.  Globaldog has a more complete listing.  I posted this one a while back.

Bob at Dead Wax has some more info:

Choice 850
Year: 1957
Label location: Kansas City, Missouri
Pressed by: ?

This Heart Is For A Grown Up Boy

That's What I Want You To Do

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Apesville said...

Global dog often groups different labels from diff locations with same name
Choice (MO) 840 series

Choice (NJ) 1 through 53

Choice (NY) 5600 + 6200 series

Derik said...

Yeah, I've noticed he does that. Thanks for clarifying Hobo.

Anonymous said...

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