Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Inez Hellman & Marlon Raimey

Nee Inez Kerr.  Aka Connie Hall.

45rpmrecords Gateway:

RCS Gateway:

The following discography was sent to me via email by Hank The Smoker. Thanks Hank.

Inez Hellman - Are You Mine (with Delber Barker) / Making Believe - Gateway Top Tune 1109 - (1955)

Inez Hellman - Who’s Shoulder Will You Cry On /  As Long As I Live (with Marlon Raimey)- Gateway Top Tune 1117 - ( 1955)

Inez Hellman - Who’s Shoulder Will You Cry On /  As Long As I Live (with Marlon Raimey) - Big 4 Hits 135 - (1955)

Inez Hellman & Marlon Raimey - Make Believe - Big 4 Hits 142 - (1955)

Inez Hellman - Lonely Side Of Town - Big 4 Hits 177 - (1955)

Inez Hellman - You Ain’t Never Gonna Change / I’ve Gotta Live With Me - Excellent 808 - (1958)

Gateway 1117
Year: 1955
Label location:   Cincinnati, Ohio
Pressed by: Rite

Who's Shoulder Will You Cry On

As Long As I Live

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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Ivan Taylor

Malcolm lists another record that Ivan did on this label as being a Starday Custom Pressing:

If you look in Nathan D. Gibson's book on Starday, you'll find a blank spot for the number 1164 in the SCP list.

Bucketlid 1164
Year: 1966
Label location: Shenandoah, Iowa
Pressed by: Columbia ZTSC 120702/120703 (in dead wax)


The Key

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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Hugh Porter

Golden Artist GA 610
Year: ?
Label location:  Fort Worth, Tx
Pressed by: ?

All The Things That Used To Be

Memories On My Mind

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Monday, January 20, 2014

Aleene Strawn

There are 12 records from this label listed in B.J.'s Guide to Country & Rock N Roll, from 1956-1958.  Globaldog has a more complete listing.  I posted this one a while back.

Bob at Dead Wax has some more info:

Choice 850
Year: 1957
Label location: Kansas City, Missouri
Pressed by: ?

This Heart Is For A Grown Up Boy

That's What I Want You To Do

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Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Off Kords

David Hersk, who started Gaity records in his parents basement while still a high school student in the late 50s, told me he probably didn't make copies of this record.  He says it mostly likely ended up as one or two acetate copies, for the members of the group to keep.  The Off Kords were students at DeLaSalle High School, which is located on Nicolett Island in the middle of the Mississippi river near downtown Minneapolis.  It is a catholic college prepartory high school, so it's strange to me that they would record songs about drinking wine.  Perhaps that's why they didn't press copies of these?  I don't know the title of the bside of the record, so I'm just calling it Mockingbird Song.

Thanks to David for the info and to Ben for letting me borrow the record.

The Off Kords were:

Phil Byrne, Tom Mcloed, Gerry O'Rourke.

Gaity acetate
Year: 1958 or 1959
Label location:  Minneapolis, Mn

Drinking Wine & Spoli-Oli

Mockingbird Song

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Friday, January 17, 2014

Melba Montgomery

The B-side of this single was re-issued on this compilation, which is where I first heard it.  I always liked the song and was happy to find the original disc.  I was even happier to get home and find the original record is 2:22 seconds, compared to the compilation version which is only 1:30 seconds.  They cut a lot of the guitar breaks out of singles, in order to fit as many songs on one LP as possible.  The buyer walked into the drugstore seeing an LP with 30 songs on it for only a buck, and it seemed like a great deal.  I'm sure most folks never noticed they were hearing truncated versions, just like I myself never knew it until I bought this disc.

I love her duets with John Prine from 1999's "In Spite Of Ourselves".

Wikipedia: Melba Montgomery

Nugget NR-243
Year: 1965
Label location:  Goodlettsville, Tn
Pressed by: Sound of Nashville

Somewhere, Somenight (I'll find my baby)

Hello True Love (goodbye to you)

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Sophie Parker with the Joe Merman Trio

A search of the name Sophie Parker turned up a death certificate for a  Jimmie Willard "Sophie" Parker.  Sounds like her father wanted a boy real bad.  Thanks to Bob the Scared Data Miner for the help.

How and why she came all the way to Minnesota from Galveston Texas to record this a mystery.  Unless she recorded it in Texas and had it pressed by Kay Bank.

Willard WI 1001
Year: 1958
Label location: Minneapolis, Mn
Pressed by: Kay Bank 943

Lone Star Rock

Waiting For You

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Monday, January 13, 2014

Bobby Holeman

I think the GM stands for Gilmer Music.  Looks like Gilmer and Gladewater are only about 5 miles apart so it could the G could stand for either.  I found this 1966 news article from the local Gilmer Mirror:

Bobby Holeman, son of Mr. and Mrs. Luther J. Holeman of Gilmer, has released his first record in the Country Music field.  Bobby wrote one of the songs he recorded and is co- writer of the "flip" side of the record.  He started about a year ago to teach himself singing as he has done for many other singers.  It wasn't until that time that he decided to become a singer as he had been encouraged by friends and family to do so.   The B side, "In the Middle of the Night" was written and is sung by Bobby.  The musicians are Hugh Blair: steel guitar; Sob Steel, Larry Henson, bass; Charlie Mills, drums.  Side A, "You Taught Her Everything She Knows," was written by Bobby and Billy Ray Smith who is a former Upshur County boy. The musicians for this side were: Sob Steele, lead guitar; Barney Holcomb, rhythm guitar; Gary Fedeau, bass; Wayne Granger, drums.  These professional musicians were some of the ones used on the record Jack Goolsby recently made for Gilmer Records. The owner of GM Records in Gladewater says about the record, "This could be a very good start." Bobby was formerly lead guitar for Bob McGee on "The Bob McGee Show." He played for the Winona Hoedown Show, the Ferrell Brothers, and several years for the annual Yamboree street dance, and has played for different affairs at the Gilmer Country Club and with many other shows around Texas.  He also played rhythm guitar on Jack Goolsby's record.

Find-A-Grave lists a Bobby Holeman buried in Gilmer texas.  1935-2001.

GM 116
Year: 1963 or 1964
Label location: Gladewater, Texas
Pressed by: ?

You Taught Her Everything She Knows

In The Middle Of The Night

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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Billy Thompson and Melody Cowboys with Freddie Franks

A full LP can be found at:

A citation about a Bo-Kay 45 can be found at:

Thompson T-501
Year:  1960 (?)
Label location: Odessa, Texas
Pressed by: ? (plant in Phoenix?)

Lovely One


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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Hank and Sonny - The Pell Brothers

Jay (Kay Bank 2233)
Year: 1961
Label location: Ohio
Pressed by: Kay Bank

Left To Be Blue

To See The Light

On Your List Of Broken Hearts

Don't Be Downhearted

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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Hunter Watts and Sonny Rogers

Paradise 115
Year: 1956
Label location: Baton Rouge, La
Pressed by: Rite 1071

New Blue Memory

There She Goes Again

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Monday, January 6, 2014

Margie Barrett and Tom James

This record shares the number 402.  Wonder if they were part of a set.  Somehow I doubt mine is worth $2600:

Peaceful Valley 402
Year: 1958
Label location: Nashville, Tn
Pressed by: ?

That's All That Matters

It's More Than Just A Notion

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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Leon Nail

Tennessee 10001/10002
Year: 1964
Label location: Benton Harbor, Michigan
Pressed by: RCA

Time And Again

This Old Fool Got Wise

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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Denver Duke & Jeffrey Null

Guitar 101
Year: 1959
Label location:  Cicero, Illinois
Pressed by: ? (dead wax: WRC-123, WRC-124)

Tears In The Wind

I'm Jealous

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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

"Bashful" Billy Lee

Capitol custom pressing

Lee 100
Label location: Seattle, Washington
Pressed by: Capitol

Stepping Stone

Second Fiddle

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