Friday, August 30, 2013

The Wetherly Brothers

Coronet  CX 211
Year: 1962

When I Need You Most
Be My Lover
Lonely Man
Be True To Me
The Very Last Time
So Mixed Up
I Feel The Blues
Don't Ever Leave Me
Faithful and True

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Al Flat & Keth Holston

Universal Sound
Year:  ???

Wonderful World

Wades Blues

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Jim Sparks

Rimrock 257
Year: 1968

Crying Like I Do

Unlock My Heart

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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Hank Trotter

Hank was on the radio in New Jersey in 1953.  He also worked with Lee Moore, another artist who had several issues on this label.  CX 506-21 reads Garfield, NJ for a location.  BJ's guide lists about 15 records up until the year 1957.  The most valuable is probably Hardrock Gunter's "Jukebox Help Me Find My Baby".

Cross-Country CX 503-23 & 504-23
Year: 1954

I Threw Away A Diamond

Because - Because (because I love you)

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Little Vern Davis

The David Hilton family near Weissert, Nebraska. 1887.  Courtesy Library of Congress.

Top Nashville Talent 103
Year: ???

The Highway of the Blues

In The Days Of Old Nebraska

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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Dave Dudley metal acetate

Dick Van Hale (l) and Dave Dudley (r) at The Flame Cafe, Minneapolis
Here's a metal acetate, with two songs that are not listed in Praguefrank's page of Dudley.  This is one of the records I borrowed from Dick Van Hale's daughter, after he passed away earlier this year.  The record was filthy, and the cleaning cloth was black when I was done with it.  Both labels had lost their adhesiveness and were loose.   I'm sure Dick plays on the record, since he ended up with the acetate, and he was one of the Dave Dudley Trio in the 1950s.  His daughter also allowed me to scan some polaroid pictures, which I've included in the download folder.  They allow us to see what the early years at The Flame Cafe were like.  I was thrilled to see them, and even more thrilled that she allowed me to scan them.

I can't get over how much Dave looks like Carl Sagan.  I wouldn't be surprised if this record was an early demo, made while he was still driving a truck for a living.  But I can only speculate.

Here's an email from Red Johnson, again a great source who was there way back when:

Hi Derik,
You found a jewell this time, Bob Larson's studio was where 90% of local musicians had their pictures taken Bob also was a performer playing his Autoharp and singing western and old songs. Bob died 15-20 years ago or longer, He recorded on the HEP Label and some of Bud Auge and my songs namely The Town Balladeer and 99 Legs and a Thump. The studio was closed many years ago, in fact it was there I Met Bud Auge and started a 30 year writing relationship. I'm not sure but I think Round & Around is a Bud Auge song, I am very familiar with it. The Steel Guitar player is Most likely Bud Kelly. I should know the others but their name doesn't come at this time. Keep it up. Red Johnson

Bob's Photo & Recording Service
203 East Lake Street, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Year: ???

'Round and Round

I Will Always Think Of You