Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ava LaVon / Francis Lanier

Country Picnic 601
Year: 1957

I Wish I Could See You Again

The World Changed To Rock & Roll Music

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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hits A Poppin'

Hits A Poppin' (Prom LP 214)
Year: unknown (1961 best estimate)

1. It's Now Or Never
2. In My Little Corner Of The World
3. Over The Rainbow
4. Mission Bell
5. Kiddio
6. Night Train
7. Yogi
8. Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini
9. The Twist
10. Little Bity Pretty One

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Jimmy Colvard Trio (revised with new pics)

Jimmy Colvard on right at The Flame Cafe, Mpls.

Jimmy Colvard

Jimmy Colvard on left, playing with Little Jimmy Dickens at The Flame Cafe, Mpls.  The slide was damaged where the steel guitar player is sitting.  Behind Little Jimmy Dickens is Dave Dudley.

Siblings Marvis & Orlo Thompson made up 2/3 of the Jimmy Colvard Trio
Jimmy played guitar on the original version of Six Days On The Road which Dave Dudley recorded at Kay Bank Studios for his Golden Wing label.  The song was picked up by Mercury Records and re-recorded in Nashville, but instead of Jimmy Colvard Dave used John Voit on guitar.  Dick Van Hale's daughter told me that he and Dave had a falling out of sorts, when Dave had promised him he would play bass on the record, but on the day of the recording Dick showed up to discover that Dave had booked another group entirely.  Dick took issued with this, claiming union rights.  I didn't ask her to go into detail, but her impression was that Dick felt betrayed and cheated out of whatever financial gain he would have realized had he played on the track.

Guess Jimmy needed his own record to fully realize what he wanted to do with the song. 

I found this Dudley quote on a guitar forum:
"I thought I sang pretty good," Dave said. But there was something else that made Dudley's version the Six Days signature. "It had a shotgun guitar, first eight bars," he said, describing a lick played by lead player Jimmy Colvard, who was a minor when the song was cut. "When he hit it with his thumb, he got the note and the harmonic. When he hit that lick on the guitar, they bought it."

On another guitar forum in 2007, Al Udeen wrote:
"I first met Jimmy Colvard in 1957, I used to go to his house in St.Paul Mn. He loved steel guitar & had me bring my 57 Sho-Bud over & play the little I knew at the time, he was able to copy the early Buddy Emmons licks that I was working on & could play them on his guitar flawlessly, In 1958 Jimmy used me on a series of package shows here in Mn. He was 15 at the time & was about the best player anywhere. One of these shows was at the Medina Ballroom, [Which is still booking country artists & is 7mi from my home]The show featured Wanda Jackson,Norma Jean, Bobby Lord & Marvin Rainwater,other shows featured George Jones [all still living]In 59 I moved to Tucson, & Jimmy was playing at the Flame Cafe in Mpls with Dave Dudley & Hal Rugg, I returned to Mpls in 61 & Jimmy got me a gig at the Flame with the band that was playing the front bar.we would carry our guitars to the Main Stage & open for the main show each nite, a few years later Dave Dudley recorded 6 Days on the Road at K-Bank studios here in Mpls with Jimmy playing that popping sound that became famous shortly after that,also in 61 I was in a band with Jimmy C, & Marvis Thompson [who later married Ferlin Husky, In 69 I moved to Nashville & my wife & I lived with Jimmy & his wife Laura in Hermitage Tn, Jimmy was playing several sessions a day & I was on the road with several artists such as Connie Smith, Charlie Walker & Jimmy Dickens, Unfortunately, Jimmy took his life up in Nisswa,Mn in 1977, I have so many memories of those great years! Regards! Al Udeen"

Sadly, Jimmy took his own life in 1977.  Maybe disco was too much for him.

Rosie 5003 (Kay Bank 3974)
Year: 1963

Six Days On The Road

Traveling Guitar

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Marv Willows And The Country Hearts

The Willows 101 (PRP 3362)

One Heartache, One Teardrop

Country Hearts

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Neil Norman And The Country Tones

Jerry Morse - vocal

Vee VE 7003 (Kay Bank 2317)
Year: 1961

I'm Crazy

Remember To Love Her

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Friday, January 18, 2013

Ebay 45s Vol. 3

My ebay 45 folder has been filling up so I thought I'd better make another volume before it gets too big.  I should have done it long ago.  Sorry that this zip file is 411mb, which may dissuade some of you from downloading it.  But those who do will be rewarded with some fine tunes.  Remember that I am not keeping track of what is in each volume.  This is a one time upload.  Once the link is dead, it stays dead.  I still have the tracks saved in a playlist in my iTunes, but haven't separated them into volumes like I have here.

Hope the download goes fast for you.   72 tracks, I believe.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Woodell Holmes

Rimrock 203
Year: 1966

Lonely Misery

I Can't Help But Cry

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Monday, January 14, 2013

The Tadmen Twins

From Duluth, Minnesota.  I wish I had more info about these girls, or at least a picture.  This is on Youtube, but my audio is better.

Banner (Kay Bank 5-5239)
Year: 1965

Cloudy Summer Afternoon

Love Hurts

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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Al Seago

Pioneer 105
Year: February 1957

X Marks The Spot

When The Yellow Roses Bloom

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Rhett Grant

K CS-0013
Year: ???

Hello Darling

Don't Forget The Song

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Friday, January 11, 2013

Jay Rees & The Monarks (revised with newly found picture sleeve)

In the News: Boy orders lighting to strike girl

Police reported today that Minneapolis high school student Jay Rees was arrested for allegedly ordering a bolt of lighting to strike his ex-girfriend.  The girl said she had been taking a walk downtown when lighting struck the pavement mere feet from her.  The shock of the blast caused her to be blown several yards away, and she knew right away that it had to be her recently former boyfriend Jay, who had threatened to send lighting her way if she didn't take him back.  She immediately reported the incident to police, who apprehended Rees at his parent's Lake Street home.  Officers are still questioning involved parties and witnesses.  Damning evidence was found in the boy's possession in the form of a recording he made with his band The Monarks, which features him singing about attacking the girl.  A state meteorologist is also being consulted to ascertain if this sort of phenomenon is indeed possible.  More details to follow as they develop.

Soma 1184
Year: 1962

Streak Of Lighting

Little Mo Min

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Sharon Kaye

Label was based in Flint, Michigan:

Your-Pick 1004
Year: 1963

The Things I Didn't Do

Little Sparrow

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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Terry Cooper And The Country Gentlemen

In December, Dick Van Hale passed away.  His daughter wrote me an email and I attended the funeral services.  She mentioned that he had quite a collection of records and photos from his career, and I was welcome to look through them if I wanted.  She was kind enough to let me scan photos and borrow a stack of records to transfer.  So I've got about 50 new discs in the cue.  That Chuck Carson record was the first, this is the second.  Thanks to Cheri for trusting I wouldn't go to the nearest pawn shop!

The Country Gentleman was Dick Van Hale's group.  His obit is here.  Note the skillful way Dick goes up and down those bass guitar strings.

I've don't know anything about Terry Cooper, but I think it's a fine record.

Kay Bee 6028 (Kay Bank 2534)
Year: 1961

Day By Day

Where Can You Be?

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Monday, January 7, 2013

Chuck Carson (8th post)

KSTP Barn Dance (click to view)

I have been looking a while for a Chuck Carson record on a label called Joyce, but didn't know where the label was based or anything about it.  Some even had it spelled Joice, which threw me off the trail, so to speak.  I must admit I didn't know this was Chuck until I listened to it, and did a double take, looked at the artists names again, and noticed the C. Krenz, which was Chuck's real name.  His daughter tells me this might have been pressed several times with differing b-sides.  I never expected to find this record, and it gives me hope of finding the others.  I've updated the discography to reflect newly discovered information.

J. Wells is Jimmy Wells And The Dakota Roundup, a well-known group back in the late 40's and 50s.  They had 2 records on the North Star label that I know of.  Jimmy was Ardis Wells' husband.  I'm not sure who C. Wells is, but it must be some relation of Jimmy's.

Joyce 602
Year: 1955


Oklahoma Stomp (instr.)

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Johnnie Jones And The Swaydes

Recorded by Fredlo Studio, pressed by Kay Bank

Jam FRS6622 (Kay Bank 6-6973)
Year: 1966

Too Much In Love

Love Lost

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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Jimmy Cee and the Playmates (repost)

Arcola (Kay Bank 7-8036)
Year: 1967

My Lonely Heart

My Love Is Your Love

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Odice Jewell

An old ebay auction shows a slightly different label, with 808 as the record number, and Tallahassee Florida as the location

Trail 960
Year: ???

Pretty Kathleen

The Treasures We Wanted

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