Thursday, June 7, 2012

Marv Hathaway and the E-Z-Notes

Couldn't find much info about Marv Hathaway.  Red Johnson tells me there were 3 Hathaway brothers who all played music back in he 50s.  He says they were from the Elk River area.  I am wondering if this is the very first Twin Town record?  Thanks to Doug at the Record Collector's Co-Op in Minneapolis for the 45 label scans.

Kay Bank 83 (Twin Town 1001)
Year: 1955 (??)

Wild Roses
 Broken Hearted Stranger

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Unknown said...

Marv Hathaway was born in the late 20's around the Crooked Lake, Coon Rapids area of Minnesota. He moved to California in 1959 and currently lives in Victorville, CA. He also released "World to give away" and "Gypsy Calypso" in the mid 60's on the Lori Label.

Derik said...

Thanks for the info Greg. I assume you are related to Marv?