Saturday, June 16, 2012

Harvey Urness

I haven't posted much country music from the Studio City label, because they focused mostly on pop and garage bands.  Was surprised to find this country 45.  Side A was issued on the compiliation "Minnesota Rock-A-Billy Rock 3"

Harvey's cousin Dennis Urness recorded a 45 for the Dove label in 1968.

Studio City 1018
Year: 1964
Label location: Minneapolis, Mn
Pressed by: Kay Bank 4375

Never Been Blue

Send Me A Rose Of Red

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Apesville said...

Look out for Studio City (MN) 45 - 1002 Deviny James With Larry Hulley on Lead Guitar "That's All Right Mama " Nice Rockabilly from (1961) Everything else I have on this label is doo-wop or instrumental R'N'R

Derik said...

I will keep an eye out for that disc. Thanks for commenting hobo.

Unknown said...

thank you derrik i have so enjoyed hearing my dads songs again i do love them so and dennis urness and my dad harvey are cousins is dennis's song on here as well?