Sunday, May 22, 2011

Roger Mews

Star 9174
Year: Unknown

When I've Got More Time


Ten Years



Mellow said...

Sounds like another Man in Black!

Apesville said...

Great Rockabilly Johnny Cash style. Love it

MrTeenSwe said...

KILLER! ..i might add that Sherwin Linton who wrote it had a killer 45 on the SOMA label titles "Who Besides Me"

Val said...

I found "Roger Mews Sings Leavin' Town" in a box of LP's I purchased at auction. Must agree with the "Great Rockabilly Johnny Cash style" comment.

If you're interested in purchasing it, I'm interested in selling it.

Unknown said...

Roger mews is my grandpa! :)

Unknown said...

Great stuff! I have the leaving town 12" with his signature on the back.