Wednesday, November 11, 2009

30 Grande Ole Country & Western Favorites

Another compilation packed with rarities, put together in 1964 by Syndicate Records. I didn't bother with the more well known stuff such as Cash, Patsy Cline, Dave Dudley, and Charlie Ryan. I also passed over the T. Texas Tyler track "Deck of Cards", which I loathe because I am an agnostic and don't like it when religious folks get self-righteous. No offense to anyone.

So what's left are 25 great ones you might have trouble finding elsewhere. If you really want the songs I left out, leave a comment.

Note to Red Neckerson: the Jan Howard version of "I wish I Could Fall In Love Again" is a different take than the one you posted a few months back.

Wilburn Brothers - Way Down Under Blues
Faron Young - I Heard the Jukebox Playing
Hank Locklin - Pinball Millionaire
George Jones - You're the One
Floyd Tillman - Slippin' Around
Jan Howard - I Wish I Could Fall In Love Again
Ferlin Husky - Flowers Speak Louder Than Words
Stuart Hamblen - Ace In The Hole
Sonny James - Bimbo
Maddox Bros. & Rose - Sally Let Your Bangs Hang Down
Wally Fowler - A Wonderful Time Up There
Floyd Cramer - Snow Deer
Johnny Horton - It's A Long Rocky Road
Webb Pierce - Georgia Rag
Rex Allen - Dreamy Montana Moon
Carl Belew - Am I That Easy To Forget
Billy Grammer - River of Regret
Bobby Austin - Here Comes The Bride
Wynn Stewart - Big City
Del Reeves - So Lonesome and Blue
Johnny Sea - Frankie's Man Johnny
Champ Butler - Western Medley
David Houston - Waited So Long
Claude King - 51 Beers
Melba Montgomery - Hello True Love

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Kegan said...

Hey there (: thanks for this! I would greatly appreciate the tracks you left out, simply because I'm a country fanatic and I love these obscure releases.

Thank you so much for everything you do, it is very much appreciated.

Howdy said...

Rapidshare does not like me and will not allow me to d/l :-(. I like these Lp's though, They often put alternate takes or overdubs on these budget albums! Thanks for posting!

Kegan said...

Red, if you want this, let me know and I'll upload it to Mediafire if you like, which I prefer because it allows me to download more than one posting at once without waiting.

Also, the George Jones track sounds nothing like him; I'm wondering if it's an artist typo, or perhaps something else? Anyone know?

Anonymous said...

I'm gnostic and I think "Deck of Cards" isn't very good, too.

skip heller said...

thanks tons for this.

1verycoolguy said...

I would really like to have the songs that you left out of this album. It's not complete without them. Would you post them or get them to me somehow? Thanks in advance.

mrmeadowlark said...

I agree with the others... please post the whole album :)

JG said...

Thank you for this one. Blogs like this are treasures.