Monday, September 7, 2009

Lee Bonds

Not much info on this artist. He only released about half a dozen records, all of them 45rpm singles. This is another gem not available on cd. It was made in 1959.

That's The Feeling

One More Time


Anonymous said...

Just spent the evening/night listening to your great music. Thanks ever so much for sharing this awsome collection.

Derik said...

Wow, now that's a compliment. Thanks for listening. I'll keep going 'till I run out of records.

bopping said...

Hi! Derik
Lee Bonds in 1952-1954 was a Hillbilly Bop artist on Republic and Tennessee records out of Nashville. I can make a research for you. He even had a sacred Hillbilly release. His Todd 45 from '59 is his less common one.Thanks for posting!
Keep up the nice work