Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Danny Harrison

Another one probably not available on cd. Very little info on this one. Luckily a few of you are filling in the blanks with your comments. Keep it up!

In The Corner Of Your Heart

b/w Dont Cheat On Your Wife


Bob said...

He is the same Danny Harrison who sing "Rock-A-Billy Boogie"recorded in 1957 for Event Records, a Maine label. There is some information that can be found in the Bear Family booklet (That'll Flat... Git It, Vol.20). I think Deneba was his own label.

Anonymous said...

Verry nice
Thanks I was wondering where he was from.
I like his back up.

Howdy said...

A real Gem thanks!!

the family cat said...

Are you supposed to be able to download these as mp3s? If so how do you do it

the family cat said...

Just sorted it-you double click on the right hand icon div share-tags not allowed