Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bob Gibson

Before Albert Grossman got his hands (or mitts?) on Bob Dylan or Peter Paul and Mary, he managed a folk club called the Gate of Horn in Chicago which featured such artists as Bob Gibson, Odetta, and a very young Roger McGuinn. McGuinn was a recent graduate of the Old Town School of Folk Music at the time. This is Bob's Album from 1961.

Image from Inner Sleeve

1. Yes I See
2. Springhill Mine Disaster
3. Well Well Well
4. You Can Tell The World
5. Copper Kettle
6. John Henry
7. Gilgarrry Mountain (darling sportin' Jenny)
8. Motherless Children
9. Daddy Roll 'Em
10. Trouble In Mind
11. By and by
12. Blues Around My Head (when the sun comes up in the mornin')

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Never heard him before
So I take a Listen