Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Billy C. Cole

Don't know anything about this guy. Guess I need to get one of those heavy phonebook-size record guides. I have another 45rpm from him that I might post if I get any encouragement from you. This sounds like the 70s. I like tongue-in-cheek country.

Voluneer 4003
Year: ???

Put The Hearse In Reverse

B/w Show Her That You Care

Click here to --->>>Download


Kegan said...

Please feel free to post the other 45, by all means :) thanks for this.

Mellow said...

Good stuff, also like the next post about Jack Daniels.

geri said...

love this, i have been searching for the song. i am lost on here. can i d/l this song?

Derik said...

Thanks for visiting. Glad you found a song you were looking for. To download, click on the Divshare logo. It will take you to the download page, where it says "download original". Good luck.


Timmy said...

I hear tell that he was a D.J. in his REAL job.

tim said...

billy c cole was my cousin he was born in short tract ny