Sunday, September 6, 2009

Bill Laundy

Zefco 5466

My Mark On You

Calling Mary Names

One more track from Bill, taken from the cd Rockin' Hoodlums Hicks And Stuff Vol. 07.

Bright Lights and Go-Go Girls


Derik said...

Jay wrote:

"Nice single...I posted this tune on Youtube and by chance ran into a gentleman who knows Bill, who still lives in Kansas and sent me a collection of his music. Pretty good stuff!!"

I accidentally "rejected" the comment, instead of "publish"ing it. Oops. Thanks for commenting Jay. I'd love to hear some more music by Bill. Send it to me!

Anonymous said...

Bill is my Grandpa! Love his older music! I hope he sends you "She'll come back crying" it was my favorite when I was a kid.

Apesville said...

Bright Lights & Go Go Girls = Zefco (KS) 45 - 8465

Apesville said...

Zerco (KS) 45 - 3691 Walkin Back Tp Springfield / Itseemed like = Bill Laundy

Anonymous said...

I just picked up one by Bill called Imagemaker/Cotton King. I wonder how many records he put out.