Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Danny Harrison

Another one probably not available on cd. Very little info on this one. Luckily a few of you are filling in the blanks with your comments. Keep it up!

In The Corner Of Your Heart

b/w Dont Cheat On Your Wife

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Danny Davis

This is from 1952. I like it when anyone sings about water. "Cool water" (Sons of the Pioneers) and "Don't go near the water" (Beach Boys) being favorites of mine. And this record fits among them. This happens to be only the 2nd record that Danny Davis made. Not sure if it's available on cd.

Deep Water

Warner Mack

This single is from 1958, before he started his country career. I guess you could say he was a rocker who crossed a bridge, then it washed out and he couldn't get back over. Pretty strong symbolism.


B/w Since I Lost You

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Buddy Thomas

Another Todd record, this one from 1961. Todd had a lot of unknowns. Looks like they released two different 45rpms from this guy. I don't have the other one.

All Around Me

b/w If Only Tomorrow

Jimmy Wakely

A country/pop crossover tune with some good advice from mom. 1950.

Music By The Angels

b/w My Heart Cries For You

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Billy Walker

This song is from 1970. A single from the album Darling Days. A nice melody coupled with the classic country theme of cheatin'.

Curtains On The Windows

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Kitty Wells

This is a belated b-day post for Kitty Wells, who recently turned 90. Although she's been retired for decades now, she still holds the title of queen of country music. This is an extended decca single. Four songs. What a bargain.

When I visited the Country Music Museum in Nashville earlier this summer, they had a temporary exhibit just for Kitty. Fun to see all her dresses and records and other memorabilia.

Decca ED 2710
Year: 1962

Click here to --->>>Download

Jack Daniels with Herbie Layne's Orchestra

Gateway Top Tune 1148
Year: 1955
Label location: Cincinnati, Ohio
Pressed by: Rite

A cover of the song Dean Martin had a hit with. Gateway Toptune was a 50s label out of Ohio. This one is from '55. Another tune that I'm trying to get on the guitar. I like the bass and guitar backing.

Memories Are Made Of This

Billy C. Cole

Don't know anything about this guy. Guess I need to get one of those heavy phonebook-size record guides. I have another 45rpm from him that I might post if I get any encouragement from you. This sounds like the 70s. I like tongue-in-cheek country.

Voluneer 4003
Year: ???

Put The Hearse In Reverse

B/w Show Her That You Care

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Monday, September 21, 2009

The Homesteaders

This record looks and sounds like the 50s, but it is actually from 1966. I know you might say that my belt needs to be changed, but this record just sounds slow. Other records sound fine.

Dramatis Personae:
Ruby - Likes diamonds a lot
Annie - Warm Heart of silver & gold. Lives outside in cold.
Pearl - Ran off with thief

Diamonds For Ruby (rubies for Pearl)

b/w White Rain

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Lorene Mann (again)

I wish I had more of Lorene Mann. I just love the sound of her beautiful voice. So underrated, if you ask me. Maybe if she had had the looks of Loretta or Lynn Anderson, she might have gotten more support from the industry. These two songs are from the album Together Alone, done with Justin Tubb in 1966.

Together But Still Alone

We've Gone Too Far Again

June Valli

So long Some Local Loser!

This record would be a great final posting, if this blog was coming to an end. I just can't wait 'till then.

So Long Loser

Ray Stanely

South of the border feel, and a girl with a pretty name.


Friday, September 18, 2009

Larry Steele & The Wranglers

For some reason I know I've heard this song before, sung by a female country singer. But I can't quite pin it down. Anybody know?

Hard Times - 1966

Walkin' Down A Country Road

Found this in a Billboard magazine from 1953:

"The tune Walkin' Down A Country Road snagged the 1st prize on the Steve Allen song contest Tuesday. Tune was cleffed by Nick Maldo of Providence, R.I., with lyrics by Allen. Song is being published by Miller Music, and has been cut by Larry Clinton on M.G.M. Maldo received a sizable advance against royalties for the tune from Lester Sims, general professional manager of Miller."

Walkin' Down A Country Road

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Slim Whitman

This single was taken from Slim's 1958 album Slim Whitman Sings

Candy Kisses


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Peggy King

Peggy King's voice is just so crystal clear and pure. Hard to believe that level of Girl-Next-Dooredness is possible, but she does it. And a fine Dr. Seuss acrobatic lyric she's turning too. Gotta hand it to her. The Hottentot is the b-side to her very first single, Burn 'Em Up. I don't condone the actions suggested in this song, which involve burning records. Oh, the horror.

The Hottentot

Burn Em Up

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Charlotte Rae

This is one of the prize gems of my record collection. A rare record indeed. If I say the name Charlotte Rae, you probably wouldn't flinch. But if I say Mrs. Garrett, from the sitcom The Facts of Life, everyone pretty much smiles. She was a real hoot on the show, and most of us wished there was a Mrs Garrett in our youth to guide us.

When she was a young girl, Charlotte Rae moved from her small Wisconsin beginnings to the big apple, and the bohemian scene of Greenwich village. She acted, sang and danced and generally did what everyone else was doing in the folk/hootenany coffee shop/club scene. And in 1955 she made this album, the only one she would ever make. And it is not like many other records out there. Part theater, part comedy romp, part musical extravaganza. The amount of energy exerted on these recordings is exhausting. I need to stop and breath between tracks. If only she and Tiny Tim had gotten together to make an album, it would have been great.

This album was reissued on cd last year.

Charlotte Rae - Songs I Taught My Mother

1. Modest Maid
2. Gabor The Merrier
3. Merry Minuet
4. Why Can't I
5. The Physician
6. When I Was A Little Cuckoo
7. Backer's Audition
8. Summer Is A Comin' In
9. Fraught
10. Gus The Gopher
11. The Sea-Gull and The Ea-Gull
12. A Nail In The Horseshoe

Beatnik Charlotte

Vinyl Rip

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Monday, September 14, 2009

Orriel Smith

Dylan made a big splash in the music industry when he first started out. This is one of the ripples in that pool, albeit a small one which didn't travel all the way to the shore, so to speak.

1. The Deceived Girl
2. Down By The Glenside
3. When I Was Single
4. Over The Hills
5. Been On This Train
6. White Curtains
7. Black Is The Color
8. Chilly Winds
9. Take My Mother Home
10. Geordie
11. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
12. Red Rosy Bush

Vinyl Rip
Orriel Smith Zip

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Skater's Waltz

I'll bet you won't find anything like this in your music collection. I almost never post instrumental tracks, because it's the sound of someone's voice that really does it for me ....usually. In this case I just love the sound of this record. As the title indicates, this is vintage roller skating music. I don't even know what a clarinola is or what is looks like. The internet doesn't seem to either. So let's just sit back and appreciate the sounds. It isn't hard to picture yourself on the parquet with your little darlin' on a sunday afternoon.

Skater's Waltz

b/w I Never Knew

Friday, September 11, 2009

Hurricane Barb Huber

Found this one at the local thrift store. After a little google sleuthing, I found that Barb was a local Minnesota country singer in the 70s. Her high school alumni newsletter has a profile of her career.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bob Gibson

Before Albert Grossman got his hands (or mitts?) on Bob Dylan or Peter Paul and Mary, he managed a folk club called the Gate of Horn in Chicago which featured such artists as Bob Gibson, Odetta, and a very young Roger McGuinn. McGuinn was a recent graduate of the Old Town School of Folk Music at the time. This is Bob's Album from 1961.

Image from Inner Sleeve

1. Yes I See
2. Springhill Mine Disaster
3. Well Well Well
4. You Can Tell The World
5. Copper Kettle
6. John Henry
7. Gilgarrry Mountain (darling sportin' Jenny)
8. Motherless Children
9. Daddy Roll 'Em
10. Trouble In Mind
11. By and by
12. Blues Around My Head (when the sun comes up in the mornin')

Vinyl rip

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Jimmie Davis

Neon Love - 1953

b-side - Big Mamou

Monday, September 7, 2009

Lee Bonds

Not much info on this artist. He only released about half a dozen records, all of them 45rpm singles. This is another gem not available on cd. It was made in 1959.

That's The Feeling

One More Time

Connie Dee

Shifting from country for a moment, we find a nice little cover of Sugar Town, the Nancy Sinatra hit. I happen to like this version better than Nancy's. It's perkier.

Sugar Town - Connie Dee

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Bill Laundy

Zefco 5466

My Mark On You

Calling Mary Names

One more track from Bill, taken from the cd Rockin' Hoodlums Hicks And Stuff Vol. 07.

Bright Lights and Go-Go Girls

Friday, September 4, 2009

Muddy Mississippi

I grew up in Minnesota, just about a mile from the river. I don't eat the catfish from there, but I still like to catch 'em. Sometimes I hum this tune when I'm out in my canoe with a big piece of stinky catfish food on the end of my line.

This is a b-side to the a song called Tonight, Let's Sleep On It Baby which was released in 1980, two years after Mel committed suicide. Guess hauling in the big cats sadly wasn't enough to convince him to stay in this world.

I don't usually listen to country music made after about 1970, but when I saw this 45rpm I couldn't tell what year it was made. It looked older, and I originally thought 60s. But it's not a bad tune, and I don't regret taking it home.

Mel Street - Muddy Mississippi -

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sunshine Ruby

Sunshine Ruby was a teenage country music singer in the 50s. You can read all about her at this site. This is her very first record. I like the guitars on this track. It must have been really cool for the little kid to get to hang out with all those seasoned session guys.

Too Young To Tango

Hearts Weren't Meant To Be Broken

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Al Hart

This is a 1960 cover of a song written by Hank Thompson in 1954. Al Hart was a radio personality on KCBS in San Francisco for 34 years. He is originally from the Twin Cities. In an interview about his life at his retirement, he was asked about this song and replied "I wanted to be Sinatra No. 2. I never made it". Well, a good effort Al.

Mercury 71659
Year: 1960

Tears Are Only Rain


Tuesday, September 1, 2009


This song was written in 1946, and was inspired by Linda Eastman, later to become McCartney. I've posted three different versions here. Adam Wade's version is pretty loopy, especially with those backup singers. Imagine walking around in your life with those singers following you. You would exude such confidence and be the person you were truly meant to be! No need for self-help books.

Wiki article about this song: Linda (1946 song)

Ray Noble with the Buddy Clark Orchestra - 1946

Charles Spivak - 1947

Adam Wade - 1961