Monday, August 31, 2009

Bob Sandy & the International Cowboys

Don't have any info or pictures of this artist. Guess he wasn't very well known. I like these tunes though. Pretty confident this record is from the early 50s, because it was also issued on 78rpm.

Music Makin' Mama From Memphis

Give Me More, More, More (of your kisses)

Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Jumping Frog of Calaveras County

Caedmon records was started in 1953, specializing in "spoken-word", as it was called then. I still use the term. Sounds better than audiobook. This is from an elementary school library, picked up at the goodwill for a buck. Narrated by actor Walter Brennan.

I've only uploaded the "frog" part of the record. About 10 minutes.

The Jumping Frog of Calaveras County

Friday, August 28, 2009

The Pussycat Song

OOO la la!

The Pussycat Song

b-side - Runaway Fiddle (instrumental)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Katy Richards

Will the real Katy Richards please stand up?

Compatible record label was a low budget outfit, selling covers of the hits of the day back in the 1960s. Imagine standing in line at the drugstore and looking down at a metal newspaper stand full of records, all for less than 2 bucks. They had a corral full of people with a little bit of talent and a willingness to record no matter the circumstances. Another blog which is now gone posted a 20 volume record set called Current Hits, also by Compatible. I was lucky enough to download all 20 before the blog disappeared. Anyhow, I found 3 tracks also with the name of Katy Richards, but the voice is completely different. It can't be the same singer. So I'm starting to think there really wasn't a Katy Richards. The label often threw around stage names, just to confuse us all. It worked.

This Lp goes easily unnoticed in the bins, maybe due to the fact that the album doesn't even have an image of the artist. Were they that short on cash? Maybe she was just really ugly, who knows. The quality of her performances on this record borders on karaoke, but the selection of real country standards makes this worth at least one listen. I couldn't hold back a chuckle the first time I heard her version of Misty Blue. But hey she's got an album, and I don't so I should just keep my mouth shut.

Don't Come Home A Drinkin'
The Hurtin's All Over
Misty Blue
Don't Touch Me
Live and Let Live
It's Been A Long Time
When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again
Second Hand Heart
Once A Day
Worried Mind

other tracks by the "other" Katy Richards. Same girl? Dunno.

All Alone Am I
Losing You
Judy's Turn To Cry

Zip File

Doye O'Dell

I don't like to pretend that I know an artist when I see their record. In this case, as is many of my records, I had never heard of Doye O'Dell, and learned about him from the website run by his family:

This record was issued by Crown Records in 1962. Bob Dylan played "Diesel Smoke" on his "Danger" show of Theme Time Radio Hour. So turns out I had heard Doye before, but just didn't remember.

Doye O'Dell Country Time
Crown LP 5264

1 Burning Bridges
2 Take A Number
3 Diesel Smoke
4 Wish I'd Stayed In The Wagon Yard
5 Count Down
6 Half A Heartache
7 Shalley Bell
8 It Takes a Lot Out Of Me
9 If The Devil Wants To Talk

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Nick Lucas

This album was recorded in 1957 for Decca. Nick Lucas was a singer/songwriter back when they called them "troubadours". His career spanned from 1922-1980. He was a skilled guitar player, and Gibson honored him by making a guitar for him and calling it "The Nick Lucas Special". Bob Dylan bought a Nick Lucas guitar in 1963 and played it almost exclusively until 1966.

Bob had probably heard all about Nick Lucas from his friend Tiny Tim, who had adopted Lucas' song "Tiptoe Through The Tulips With Me" as his theme song. Tim's outrageously falsetto delivery gave a false impression that Tim was making fun of that sort of old-timey sentimental song, but he was a genuine fan of Nick's and grew up listening to him on the family victrola. Nick even performed the song at Tiny Tim's wedding on the Tonight Show.

Nick's guitar playing is what stands out for me on this record. A real fine picker. I imagine an original Nick Lucas Special guitar is worth quite a bit nowadays. I'd like to have one because they're smaller and would probably be easier to learn on.

An archive of Nick's original 78s is here:

Bob Dylan with his Nick Lucas Special

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Elton Britt

Elton Britt had a big hit with "There's A Star-Spangled Banner Waving Somewhere" in 1942. My copy of this record is not so good, and I am not very adept at cleaning up recordings that are scratched, so please forgive the poor quality.

The Wandering Cowboy - 1959

Chime Bells
Roving Gambler
Whoopie Ti Yi Yo
The Lonesome Cowboy
Red River Valley
The Crawdad Song
Streets of Laredo
That's Why The Yodel Was Born
When It's Springtime In The Rockies
Red Wing
Home On The Range
Sod Shanty
There's a Star-Spangled Banner Waving Somewhere

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Monday, August 24, 2009

Lorene Mann

Searching google I found Lorene had a minor career in the 60s as a songwriter and duet artist, pairing up with Justin Tubb and Archie Campbell

According to Praguefrank's, this single was done in 1970. Can't tell if it's the b-side or the a-side. I like the sweetness of the song. She was a songwriter as well as a singer, and this is some fine writing. I've transcribed the lyrics because I like them so much:

Oh this daytime world of mine
Is a lonely place
My heart’s breakin’ all the time
Teardrops on my face

Then I go to that other world
Where happiness awaits
When the sun goes down, and we slip away

I’ve told me so many times, half a world won’t last
And your future can’t be mine. She’s been in your past
But I forget how long it is, and what a price I’ll pay
When the sun goes down, and we slip away

Slip away, slip away, oh when the sun goes down, and we slip away

Slip Away

Friday, August 21, 2009

Chill Wills

Everybody's Cousin

My favorite blog is Red Neckerson's Radio Roundup, and the author uses the likeness of Chill Wills, an actor from the 40s and 50s. So when I saw this album at the record show, I thought of my fellow blogger and wondered if he had ever heard it. So Red, this one's for you

I couldn't find much about this album on Google, so I think it's pretty rare. The record label says "Chill Wills Music", so I doubt many copies were printed. There are some pretty good songs on here too.

Vinyl Rip

One Man Band
Ole Miss Pretty
Ride - Cowboy Ride
Big Blue Eyes
She Loves You
Punkin Pie
Sweet Betsy
The Hog

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Best of the Carter Family

from left to right: Anita, June, Helen and Mother in the middle

Ok, just to be clear, there were two incarnations of the Carters. The "original" Carter Family, which was the trio of Maybelle, Sara, and A.P. Then, in the 1960s Mother Maybelle recorded and performed with her three daughters Helen, June and Anita and they also called themselves the Carter Family. To distinguish between the two groups, many people now call the later incarnation, "Mother Maybelle & The Carter Sisters". This LP was released in 1965 on Columbia. I have a couple more albums by the "Mother" group. There are a lot of videos on Youtube of them performing on various country music variety shows in the 1960s. Very fun to watch. Chet Atkins is in a lot of them.

The group also toured with Johnny Cash, and it was during this time things started to heat up between June and Johnny. Personally, I think Anita was the prettiest of the three. Probably every single bachelor session musician in Nashville woulda taken the chance to marry one of them, since they were all hot and it was the country equivalent of marrying into royalty. Which one would you have gone after?

From Vinyl:

Yesterday's Gone
Ring of Fire
He Thinks I Still Care
Cotton Fields
Poor Old Heartsick Me
Wall To Wall Love
The Hammer Song
Troublesome Waters
Take Good Care of Him
Big River
Michael Row The Boat Ashore
Four Strong Winds

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Country Jubilee

Picked this 1962 Decca compilation up at a record show for a buck. Compilations like this are often overlooked and inexpensive. They're considered throwaway, or whatever, but I've found some good tracks on some of them.

On Top of Old Smokey - Red Foley
Ace In The Hole - Mervin Shiner with the Jordanaires
Little Betty Brown - Milton Brown and the Brownies
Red River Valley - Jimmy Wakely
A Lot Like You - Red Sovine and the Gadabouts
Frankie and Johnny - Clayton McMichen's Georgia Wildcats
Crazy Arms - Webb Pierce
Just Because - Shelton Brothers
Wreck of the Old #9 - Tompall and the Glaser Brothers
Bully of the Town - Grady Martin and His Slew Foot Five
Wayfaring Stranger - Bill Monroe
Sweet Betsy From Pike - Rex Allen

Zip File

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Bobby Edge

An internet search yielded nothing on Bobby Edge. But this song is fun. I like his laugh.

Gambler's Guitar

Friday, August 14, 2009

There's A Big Wheel

Wilma Lee & Stoney Cooper

There aren't a lot of songs that could get me out of my chair. This is one. Just listen to that thumpity thump of the bass drum. It really gets me going.

The b-side is a song about the wife of president Andrew Jackson.

There's A big Wheel

b-side Rachel's Guitar

Jim Nesbitt - A Good Woman Is Hard To Find

This is from the album "Running Bare.". I have the single of Running Bare, to which this is the b-side. My record is warped and it was tricky getting a clean rip, but I got it.

A Good Woman Is So Hard To Find

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mother Maybelle's Guitar

Maybelle Carter & sister Sara

Searching the internet for photos of her legendary Gibson L5, I didn't find too many, at least not any detailed images. So when I was driving through Nashville in June, I stopped at the Country Music Hall of Fame & Museum. So here are some pics taken with my digital camera. It's pretty cool to see in person.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Remember Me (when the candlelights are gleaming)

There is a really good blog post that I want to expand upon, written about the song Remember Me (when candlelights are gleaming). I have been trying to learn the song on guitar lately, but I am a beginner and am still working on it. I've watched the video of Bob Dylan doing the song about 20 times now. So I refer you to this link, where you can read all about it. My contribution is a posting of all the versions that I have of the song. Listen and decide which one is better. If any of you have a version that I don't, please email it to me and I'll post it here.

Bob Dini

Bob Dylan - Gleason Tape 1961

Ramblin' Jack Elliot

T. Texas Tyler

T. Texas Tyler - original Mono version

Willie Nelson

Ernest Tubb

Zip File

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Stuart Hamblen

Singing cowboy Stuart Hamblen wrote some good tunes, among them "This Ole House", "Open Up Your Heart (and let the sun shine in)", and "Remember Me (I'm the one who loves you)". There are two versions I've heard of Remember Me. One is just Stuart, a violin, and guitar. It is the version most well known. I also have this promo 45rpm, which is an orchestrated version, which features, in my opionion, a more profound delivery by Stuart. I guess the orchestra got him going.

Remember Me (I'm the one who loves you) - orchestra version

Remember Me (I'm the one who loves you) - violin version

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Liz Anderson

For the full story on Liz, I refer you to her wiki page:

Well, it's not the full story since they don't say what she's doing nowadays. My guess is she's playing in retirement resorts and homes. I wonder....

I recently found one of her records at the goodwill, and was surprised to find she's from Minnesota. I also didn't know she's the mother of Lynn Anderson, famous for the song "Rose Garden" in the 70s. I think the elder Anderson is more worth listening to, since she wrote her own songs. This is a 45 of a Burt Bacharach cover she did in '72. Also another mp3 of her song "If the creek don't rise". I've also put together a Zip file with all the 45s I have, not available on her LPs.

Liz Anderson 45s (new Mediafire link - August 2011)

I'll Never Fall In Love again

If The Creek Don't Rise

Money Greases The Wheels

Dallas Frazier penned this tune in 1965, and it became a minor hit for Ferlin Husky in '66 who performed it in the movie "Las Vegas Hillbillys" with Mamie Van Doren.

Dallas wrote the song "Elvira", which became a huge hit in the 80s for the Oak Ridge Boys. As a kid, I couldn't get away from the song. I remember seeing them perform it on a parade float on TV once, could have been the macy's day parade. I couldn't have hated them more at the time, mostly due to the "boom chaka boom chaka" element. Ugh. I hope Dallas at least made a bunch of money off it.

I picked up this 45 at an antique store in Hastings, Minnesota near my parents house.

Mercury 72279
Year: 1965

Money Greases The Wheels

My Little Swing Broke Down

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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Zero Minus The One I Love

This is a b-side to Bill's single "Ninety-Nine" from 1959. I happen to think the b-side is better, and had I been in the studio at the time I would have spoken up.

I recently learned how to rip vinyl using a bit of advice from my favorite blogger Red Neckerson. It took a few trials to work out the background buzzing sounds, but I eventually ended up with something that almost sounds like it came from a Cd. Seeing as how I couldn't find this track on any of Bill's Cds, I hope he won't mind me posting it here.

Bill Anderson - Back Where I Started From - 1959