Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Dixy and Bobby Lynn

Here's a batch of four records featuring a few different artists, of which I know nothing.  If anyone has any info on them, please comment.   All songs produced by Tony Caire (Kai Ray).  I'm sure he plays guitar on all tracks as well.

Kai Ray passed away a couple years ago, and ironically he was living only 10 miles away from me.  Wish I had know he was in my backyard the whole time.  He was a very private guy, so it's no surprise there are no interviews and almost no biographical info on him.  The Star-Tribune did a feature on him after he died.  I plan to contact his daughter, who apparently is a radio dj out East someplace.

All records pressed by Kay Bank in 1965 and 1966.  Probably recorded there as well.

Here's a previous post from the same label:


Tamworth Ted said...

Hi Derik,
Hope all is well with you and family at these troubling times, Got the download and thanks also for the bonus. I must of missed that first time around. Quite enjoyed these but can't shed any light about them.

Unknown said...

Thanks Derik,
What an interesting untold story this appears to be. For other followers, here's the link to the 2017 story in the Star Tribune which is worth a read:
I appreciate you sharing these treasures.


What a terrific blog! I worked in record stores for 20 years so when I dig thru 45s at thrift stores my criteria is either unown to me artist and or label or hopefully both, and I've been fortunate to find a bunch of stuff that's not on Discogs . I feel like as long as somebody is listening to these unknown artists it kinda keeps them alive. Cheers!