Sunday, January 19, 2020

Bob Morehouse

Here is an obituary that might match (not confirmed):

Lone Pine (no catalog #)
Year: 1963
Label location:
Pressed by:  Kay Bank 3679


The Face In The Mirror


Tamworth Ted said...

Hi Derik,

Thanks for Bob, This to me is my sort of country, great post. After a search through my files with a disappointing nil result so at least now I have 2 of Bob's.

Bill S. said...

Two nice performances and original compositions to boot! "Heartwreck" is a clever turn-of-phrase. Many thanks for sharing this local rarity! If the obit you cited is the same Bob Morehouse, I wonder if he had copies of the single at his real estate office that found their way home with country music-loving clients.

Derik said...

Thank you Ted and Bill. Always reliable commenters.