Wednesday, December 18, 2019

The Country Pickers

The same track is on both sides.  Lewis Thompson sounds like he had a couple drinks before they hit the record button.

Kingsley Records 304
Year:  1972
Label location:  ?
Pressed by:  ?

Living On Easy Street


Timmy said...

The download link goes directly to "discogs".

BobbyM said...

Derik, thanks for making this little ditty available. Even though the guy can't carry a note, I still find the song listenable & enjoyable. Judging from the label, this must have been completely a husband/wife endeavor - written & performed by both - with wife, Mary, on one of the stringed instruments. Sounds like one of them is playing a banjo while the other plays mandolin.

Derik said...

You need to be on the email list to get the audio file.

Bill S. said...

Thanks for sharing this track. I feel like I'm
at a backyard family-reunion picnic, and my uncle who used
to be in a string-band in his youth
takes out his banjo and entertains us.
It put a smile on my face!

Tamworth Ted said...

Thanks Derek,
I enjoyed this but have to agree with BobbyM. Sure not the greatest voice but when one can't sing himself what's it matter. Good rip to for an old 45. Best wishes to you and family for a great festive.

Bayou Bum said...

This is the real deal. Love it.