Saturday, October 12, 2019

Ten Years

In August it was ten years that I've been doing this blog.  I'm not much for fanfare or self-aggrandizement, so I didn't do anything to mark the moment.  I have also been doing a lot of writing on Discogs over the past year, and haven't done much posting here.  But I will say I've enjoyed writing it, and I hope you all have heard some good tunes.

I often have relatives contact me through the blog, telling me about their father, uncle, brother, or whatever, who made that record, and they appreciate it.  I've even sent a few records to them, when they say they don't have a copy in the family.

The most fun for me has been finding records, learning about them, and sharing them with you all.  I don't know how significant the blog is, now that most of this type of music is on youtube, but I suppose I'm going to keep doing what I've been doing.  Most of the blogs that were around when I started are gone, Red Neckerson's Radio Roundup being the one that inspired me to start this one.

I thank all those who have left comments, providing information, opinions, thoughts, etc.  You make this blog worth doing.  Each time I click "submit", it is in the hopes someone will leave a comment.

The links to the music have long since expired, and I don't have the time or energy to go through every post, uploading new links.  I would like to offer another alternative for those who would like to have the music.  If you send me a usb drive, I will copy all the music I have posted.  It amounts to about 13 gigabytes.  I would need return postage as well.  I have more than 550 gigabytes of music on my computer, so if you are seaching for a CD compilation, I might have it if it relates to 50s and 60s country.   I also have just about everything posted by Red Neckerson and Hillbilly Researcher blogs, when they were active.

Just send me an email:

I will be writing new blog posts soon.

Minnesota, USA


Apesville said...

A thank you for the ten years of joy you have given us by saving long lost songs Dean

Derik said...

Thanks Dean.

Malcolm Chapman said...

A great site. So much stuff I hadn't heard before and some great background info on the individual tracks. I always look forward to the next posting. Here's to another 10 years.

Derik said...

Thank you Malcolm. Our blogs go together.