Friday, March 1, 2019

Carroll Bateman And The Untouchables

Smigar was undoubtedly a combination of George Garrett's last name and another person's name (maybe Smith?)  I know of only one other discs issued on this label, which is an LP by Sherwin Linton & The Cotton Kings.

In the download folder are images of the LP cover, with linear notes.

Smigar Records
Year:  1966
Label location:  Mpls,MN
Pressed by: Kay Bank


Bill S. said...

This one looks great...looking forward to hearing it over the weekend. Many thanks for sharing!

tamworthted said...

Hi Derek,
Thanks, Well don't quite know what to say about this one. There are a few ok tracks but Engine, Engine #9 has got to be the worst rendition of this song I've ever heard. Maybe the record company really need the cash flow of Carroll, Sherwin Linton I have a few of but not the one mentioned. Sherwin is a class act. Oh well we all have different tastes.

Харви Матусоу said...

Thank you, Derik!