Thursday, January 31, 2019

Paul & Archie (3rd Post)


Paul Shultz
Archie Heikkila
Dave Childs
Judy Childs

No label name
Label location: None
Year:  1985
Pressed by:  ?

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Donna Rose said...

Thank you.

tamworthted said...

Thanks Derik,

Can't say I've ever seen this one around or heard of them. Looking forward to giving it a spin.

Mellow said...

This could be a Rimrock custom pressing (although it was recorded at Custom Studios in Minneapolis). Rimrock used these landscape pictures a lot of custom LPs. They catalogue numbers would also fit in. Maybe you can idenify it by reading what is etched into the dead wax.

Derik said...

I'll look at the deadwax later this evening.

When I added this to Discogs, someone added it to a list of records that used the same stock photo: