Saturday, February 17, 2018

Earl Ketchum's Circle A Ranch Gang

Vocal: Bob Gray

Master Label Recording Co
Year: 1952
Label location: ?
Pressed by:  RCA

Always Means Forever

It's All Over Now


tamworthted said...

Thank Derik,
Bob Grey has a nice voice for these old songs. Master label & a master cleaning job of this old 78. Got about 50 of these old gems but nothing to play them on and won't part with them cause one day I'll stumble across an old player that doesn't cost the world. Great addition to my collection.

Derik said...

Thanks Ted. You should be able to find one at "car boot sale" as you Brits say. Good luck.

tamworthted said...

HeLL Derik don't call me one of them please or I might start wingin'. England may of been the mother country a long time ago but I'm a true blue Aussie bloke and not a guy either.LOL. Rarely see 78's for sale, think the kids used them as frisbies as I did many decades ago,

Derik said...

My apologies Ted. Looks like there is a Tamworth in both England and Australia.

Well, anyway, hope you continue to visit and enjoy the music. I have two crates of 78s that I am trying to find a home for. Mostly doubles. I'd send them your way if I could.