Friday, January 26, 2018

Jimmie Karlin (updated)

Many thanks to Jimmie's granddaughter Joanna for the pictures and information.
Thank you so much for sending me the songs. It is definitely a coincidence that you posted about him on your blog just a few days before his passing. Unfortunately I don't have much information on his performing days, but I can share with you what I do know. His name was James Longo but he went by Jimmie Karlin as his stage name. He loved Johnny Cash and had the opportunity to open for him when he preformed in Utica, NY. He also had a passion for breeding and flying pigeons. His obituary has some more information about his life if you are interested in reading. ( I also included a few pictures of him and one of his guitars. Please feel free to email me if you have anymore questions and I will try my best to answer them. I would also love to see your finalized blog post if you choose to update it.

Mark M115
Year: 1958
Label location:  Utica, NY
Pressed by: ?

Have You Really Gone
Please Don't Walk Upon My Heart

Note:  A happy ending to the recent youtube drama.  The youtube uploader and I have buried the hatchet and have decided to work together, not against each other.  So there's proof civility can go a long way.  I will continue to distribute the audio files via email, because there are others on youtube who would take my files.  So far I have 13 people on the email list.  Send me an email to be added.

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tamworthted said...

Thanks Derik,
Really enjoyed listening to this one and hope down the track more of him will appear is at all possible. Once again I had never heard of him.