Saturday, November 4, 2017

Bob Williams And The Southlanders

In the deadwax there is etched a C with an M inside it, and the number 96 above.  I've never seen that pressing identifier, so if anyone has an idea, let me know.

Apparently this was recorded in 1957: 

Bob Williams: 

Couldn't find an obit for him, so he may be still alive.

Goldenrod 500
Year: 1960
Label location: Scottsville, KY
Pressed by: Shaw


Apes Ville said... say pressed by shaw (1957)
if you click on shaw it takes you here number 96 was assigned to goldenrod

Shaw Record Processing - Discography
1914 Dana Avenue, Cincinnati 7, Ohio

more on shaw

Apes Ville said...

"Shaw stopped production early in 1956 but there are many releases by known Shaw accounts that were produced after 1956 that look like Shaw pressings. Stephen Shaw resigned from the company at the end of 1955. When the assets were sold in 1956 he purchased all the plating and metal work equipment. There appears to be evidence that he continued to make masters, mothers and stampers for some accounts. Although these pressings were done by other companies, the finished product looked very much like Shaw pressings. This may have continued until about 1959." so may be a shaw master but pressed elsewhere?

Derik said...

Ok, thanks. I edited the blog post. Wonder what the C and M mean? Maybe it's just a circle, with something etched inside it. Can't tell for sure.