Saturday, May 14, 2016

Curtis & The Galaxies

Dick Mullen was a member of the Glenrays, another group who recorded with David Hersk's basement Gaity studio.  Dick and David did the sound engineering and mixing of this record, with 17 year-old KDWB newscaster Dan Ronald producing the session.  David doesn't remember who pressed the record.  He says it might have been Kay Bank, but there are no Kay Bank matrices anywhere on the disc.  Gaity issued about 10 45rpm discs with this orange label, ending in 1963, when David left the music business and went into graphic design and printing.

Both David and Dick say they think the band was from the Fargo area, but can't remember for sure.  Hard to track, since there were so many bands with the Galaxies name.

Gaity 6013/6014
Year: June 1960
Label location: Minneapolis
Pressed by:  ?

Theme From A Fireplace

Laura Lee

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