Saturday, January 16, 2016

Country Girl Kay

Whitkay EP-504
Year: ?
Label location: ?
Pressed by: ?

Iowa Waltz

Mocking Bird Valley

Don't Let The Moon Break Your Heart

Blue Mountain Skies

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Donna Rose said...


Thanks for posting these tracks ( and all the other interesting stuff you put up). However the download link doesn't work. I'd be grateful if you could you check it. Thanks,


Mellow said...

Great. Country Girl Kay is an interesting but mysterious artist. I suspect she hailed from Montana or somewhere in the Northwest. However, your Mediafire download link doesn't work!

Derik said...


Allan Hansen said...

Just Google her name in,and you can find a biography,and a photo.

Allan Hansen said...

This was her own label.Her married name was Whittaker,hence Whitkay.