Monday, November 2, 2015

Red Johnson (3rd post)

l-r: Clayton Pickles, Violet "Vi" Tishmack, Joe Tishmack, Red Johnson (photos: Red Johnson)
email from Red:
Derik, I had forgotten how big that recording really sounds it was fun to listen to it again after 40 plus years, I am trying to put together who was on the session. Yes Tony Caire was involved and he played the piano, bass, lead guitar and no doubt the vocals. The backup singers I can't recall who they were, I think they kind of worked the studio when someone needed it. Clayton Pickles was on drums and Joe Tishmack played the Melodica (a keyboard you blow into like a harmonica). Vi Tishmack was involved on keyboard and vocals and I played rhythm guitar. I can't remember the engineers name, but he kind of ran the studio. I'm sure George Garrett was present a lot of the time. The studio was on about Lake & Hennepin in South Mpls. The pressing was done by Rite Records in Cincinnati, Ohio. The year was 1971 when the hot pants craze was going on we thought we'd cash in on it if we could. - Red

Joe Tishmack obit:

Twin Town 10980
Year: 1971
Label location: Minneapolis, Mn
Pressed by: Rite

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