Monday, November 16, 2015

Ben Hughes

Ben Hughes 1938 - 2007

This bio was posted on a message board after Ben died in 2007.  He was a member of the International Internet Leather Crafters Guild (IILG)

Ben's bio in his words . . .
I attended Mastbaum Votec. High School in Philadelphia, PA as a youngster and worked in a variety of employment situations through the years. A serious car accident over 35 years ago got me involved in leather work while recuperating. Not only did I get involved, but I fell in love with the art of working in this medium. About 1990 I wanted to try art works that caught my attention to put in this wonderful medium. I found stone reliefs translated into the flexible medium of leather well. When I gave it a try, I not only found it enjoyable, but found it compelling and continued. Many famous artists' works and whatever else caught my eye or imagination and have been tried. It has been my privilege to donate a number of these works to a local school for the blind, where given the dimensional quality of the work, the blind could actually see the picture through touch. After some experimentation a more three dimensional achievement was arrived at and implemented in later works.

I have for many years had a keen interest in leather work, boating, flying, music, painting and, of course, computers.

My most rewarding enjoyment has been in creating or reproducing Art in Leather. Through the years I've experimented with a wide range of paints, including oils, acrylics and some paints and dyes designed for leather and the arts and crafts field. The combination on certain pieces works well. I have some pieces that are thirty years old and hold up well in normal conditions

- Ben Hughes

Jandy 7002
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