Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Ardis Wells (4th post)

Country Song Roundup, Issue 21 December 1952

With her Rhythm Ranch Gals
Ardis with her racing dogs in the 1970s
portion of a article from an unknown newspaper

I recently became acquainted with Jan North who was in The Rhythm Ranch Gals and The North Sisters.  She had lots of stories about her days with Ardis as well as some newspaper clippings and pictures.  She said Ardis was a good boss, but firm and knew what she wanted.  Many times female singers asked to join the group, but if they didn't play an instrument Ardis would send them packing.

I found this record recently, quite by accident.  The guy said it had been in his inventory for 20 years, until I came along.  Couldn't believe it was only $2.

The Lovegren listed on the label was Nancy Lovegren, a musician about whom I don't know anything.  Jan tells me she still is still around but I couldn't find a contact for her.  Selin refers to a woman named "Johnny" Selin.  No info on her.

The researcher's extensive list:

Blue Ribbon 1915
Year: ? (best guess 1954)
Label location: Staunton, Illinois
Pressed by: ? (Research Craft?)

Don't You Tell A Soul (I Love You)

If You'll Only Promise Me

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Allan Hansen said...

any chance of you re uploading everything you have on Ardis.I missed them previously.Thanks.


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Allan Hansen said...

Brilliant.Thank you very much

Allan in Wales,U.K.

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You are very welcome. Thanks for visiting.

Go Johnny Go said...

Crazy! I just got a copy of this myself, from the ex- Academic Dean of Lakewood College, now Century College, in White Bear Lake. -GoJohnnyGo

Derik said...

78 or 45rpm?

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D. said...

Thank you for re-upping Ardis! I was so intrigued ty the notion of an all-female country band. Great songs and playing too …