Sunday, September 27, 2015

Frankie Wallace (aka Frankie Marvin) / Carson Robison Trio (v- Frank Luther)

From the book "Country Music Originals" by Tony Russell.

Thanks to Svein for cleaning.

Cameo 8288
Year: 1928
Label location: NY
Pressed by: ?

Way Out On The Mountain

A Mother's Plea

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Anja K. said...

Oh I love this! Great record, thanks for posting it. I love music from this era, and I don't know much country like this.

Derik said...

Thanks your comment Anja. Glad you liked it. Looks like you're the only one!

Mellow said...

No Derik. Old-time records like these also are a pleasure for me. By the way, the vocalist on the Carson Robison Trio side seems to be Vernon Dalhart!

Derik said...

Are you sure? Tony Russell's book lists it as Frank Luther on vocal.