Wednesday, August 5, 2015

George Bowe

Couldn't remove the warped sound in the first :30 of the aside.  I can't see any imperfections in the vinyl that would slow down the needle.  It might be in the recording or mastering process.

In the deadwax is etched: Rimrock 841, which makes me think this is probably from Arkansas.

Eagle ES-110
Year: ?
Label location: Arkansas
Pressed by: Rimrock

Do You Remember

Big Man

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DrunkenHobo said...

Nice mid paced Rockabilly just how i like it & new to me Thanks. Eagle (NY) numbers run 1000 through 1001 1102 & has label address on label. Eagle (Man,Canada) have Eagle picture at top of label & run 100 101 102 etc & has label address on label. Eagle (TN) has Eagle picture at top of label only have 119 but has Label address on label. Eagle (TX) (Pages) again has Eagle picture at top left rather than on both sides. The Other Eagle (TX) has no Eagle picture on label (Larry Nolan). I also have Eagle 301 Cornel Gunter no idea where this Eagle is from. Eagle (CA) only have a 78rpm number 1552. There is also a reissue label from Germany. Plus some listed in the guides with no location of label.

Derik said...

These labels were around at a time when the American Eagle was on the brink of extinction. Glad to say that now I can take my canoe out on the Mississippi and have a good chance of seeing one.

Mellow said...

So it was pressed by Wayne Raney's Rimrock pressing plant from Concord, Arkansas.