Thursday, July 16, 2015

Marvin Rainwater (Blue Ribbon EP)

I think Blue Ribbon EPs were budget issues using 4Star tracks.  There was another Blue Ribbon label based in Ohio, which Hillbilly Researcher has posted a lot of.  It also uses a blue label, but I don't know if these are affiliated.  Someone might be able to comment.

The one thing about this disc is the Marvin Rainwater track.  It just doesn't sound like his voice to me, and I can find no evidence of him recording it.  Hank Snow released his version of the song the same year, but this track doesn't sound like his.  So not sure if it's really Marvin singing here.  If it is, then it would be one of his first records, I think.  Bear Family did two box sets of Marvin Rainwater, and this track isn't on either of them.

This record isn't in very good shape, so I didn't want to post my crappy transfers of the other tracks since all of them are found on various artists compilation cds.  I've included the mp3s from those cds in the folder, just for completion.

Blue Ribbon 3S-57
Year: 1955 (?)
Label location:  California (?)
Pressed by: 4Star (?)

Let Me Go Lover

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zephyr said...

I can hear notes that make me think it is Marvin maybe he was much younger when he sung this song.He was a really good singer in his time

Tom Armstrong said...

I don't know who that is singing "Let Me Go Lover", but it sure as hell isn't Marvin Rainwater. Sounds a wee bit like Van Howard, but I doubt it's him either.