Saturday, June 20, 2015

Little Sandy Parker

I'm posting labels I found online to show what not taking care of your records can do.  My copy is the bad one.  Luckily the vinyl was in better shape than the label.

In the dead wax is etched: Phillips SM

Erwin E-Z 500
Year:  1963
Label location: Memphis, Tn
Pressed by: ?

That's The Reason (I'm Leaving Town)

You Once Had Eyes Just For Me

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Mellow said...

See here for my list of Phillips masters:

Unknown said...

i dated little sandy parker 2 or 3 times in 1966..she was about 15 or 16 ..i was about 17....she invited me to come see her sing in west memphis, arkansas but i had no way to get there...she was gorgeous...i think she was about 13 when she cut this record.

memphis guitar said...

i dated little sandy parker in 1966, 2 or 3 dates....she was about 16, i was about 17...she was gorgeous....i think she was about 13 when she made this record....her name was billie ruth parker...i guess sandy was her professional singing name..

Derik said...

Oh wow, great. Thanks for sharing your story. Did you get a kiss?