Thursday, June 18, 2015

Augie Garcia Quintet

Augie Garcia Quintet at the River Road Club, Mendota Heights, Mn

Augie Garcia 1932 - 1999

Augie has been in the local news during the past few months because of a live-action stage play about his life, which ran at the History Theatre in St. Paul, Mn.  I was out of the country and didn't know about the play until after it ended.  So I sadly didn't get a chance to see it.  Hope they revive it sometime in future.

I thought I'd share audio (some of it from my vinyl) from the 4 records he made,  three on North Star and one on Kirk.  The Kirk record was pressed on cheap vinylite, and the glue they used to affix the label was poor quality.  So all copies I've seen have the labels coming off, or missing entirely.  I've never seen any other record from the Kirk label, so it was probably the only release.  Augie's records usually go for $30-100 on ebay, depending on condition and which was the wind is blowing on that day.

The River Road Club was located underneath the Mendota Bridge in Mendota Heights, Mn.  The bridge spans the Minnesota river near its confluence with the Mississippi River.   The bridge was built in 1925.

Here's a bit of reading on Augie's life:

Augie Garcia Quintet Discography
North Star 2023 - Drinking Wine Spoli Oli / Hello Baby (1955)
North Star 2025 - Hi Yo Silver / Going To Chicago (1955)
Kirk TJ I133 - Ivy League Baby / Let The Good Times Roll (1956)
North Star 2065 - Ring-A-Ling-A / Be My Guest (1957)

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DrunkenHobo said...

Kirk (MN) 45 - 113 = 1956

Graham Clayton said...

What a cracking song! I also love Augie's dress sense - long socks and shorts!

DrunkenHobo said...

Thanks I was missing a couple of sides. Very nice to have them all in one place with labels. Be a good addition to