Wednesday, April 22, 2015

April Clarke

Do-Ra-Me 1418
Year: 1961
Label location: Nashville, Tennessee
Pressed by: ?

Afraid To Answer


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Mellow said...

Can you read what is stamped or etched into the dead wax?

Mellow said...

Composers were: Hargus "Pig"/"Mel" Robbins (of "Save It" recording fame on Argo, 1959) and the husband-wife duo Floyd and Mary Biggs, at that time already an elderly couple who wrote a lot of songs for Murray Nash's artists.

Derik said...

I had a feeling you'd have something to say about this record. I cannot inspect the dead wax as I am traveling and don't have the record in front of me. Will return home in May, at which time I'll take a look at it.

Mellow said...

Great, thanks!

Derik said...

In the dead wax is etched:

"F-872 N.M.9." on one side and "F-873 N.M.9." on the other side