Sunday, March 22, 2015

Floyd Huffman

I tried and tried to get a good scan with my portable wand scanner, but just couldn't get a good quality image of the labels.  Must be something about the paper they used.  Since 78rpm is too big to fit onto a standard bed scanner, I just had to make do with my digital camera.  Luckily I had better results with the audio transfer.

Tennessee 837
Year: 1952
Label location: Nashville, Tennessee
Pressed by: RCA

What Would I Do Without You

Twice The Loving

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Country Boy Lance said...

Great to hear the original recording of "Twice The Loving". Jean Shepard cut this on Capitol with Speedy West on steel (I believe it was her first recording). Thanks for posting this one Derek.

Derik said...

You're welcome. Thanks for the comment.

Fabulous Furlough said...

FWIW, Floyd was my uncle. It was only later in life that I found out that he had talent. He was wheelchair bound since childhood, and his son Floyd Jr. was my childhood companion for many years. I never remember him singing or playing guitar when I was around. Just WEIRD how he kinda "turned it off".

Derik said...

thanks for the comment. have any pictures of him?