Friday, February 6, 2015

Slim Anderson

Like many of the Kay Bank studio labels, this is another where very little information exists.  I am pretty sure it began in 1964 and ran until about 1970.  From '64-'66 , there was a dash in the label name (Re-Car), but then it became one word.  They released mostly 45rpm, but there are 2 LPs I know of.  One is the oddball interview record with George Harrison's sister, which I think caused a rift between them.

One guess about the owner is Russ Carlyle, a lounge singer who had at least two 45s on the label.  But that's only my long-shot guess.

I cleaned this record at least five times trying to get a better sound, but was unsuccessful.  So you take what you can get, until a better copy comes along.

Recar 3000 also features Slim Anderson, whose real name was Derrald "Slim" Anderson, of Park Rapids, MN.  I couldn't find info about when he died.

Recar 3001
Year: ? (best guess '69 or '70)
Label location: Minnesota
Pressed by: ?

Minnesota Waltz
We're Gonna Swing


Unknown said...

Slim was my grandpa. Thanks for putting this up, nice to hear on YouTube!

Derik said...

Thanks for the comment. If you have any information about his life, or photos, I'll put them here. Just send me an email: