Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Jerry Smith

Billboard Dec 22nd, 1958

1910-1986.  From Des Moines, Iowa.

Appeared on the Iowa Barn Dance Frolic with Zelda Scott in the 1940s.

Not to be confused with another Jerry Smith who was a session piano guy in Nashville.

Don't know much else about him.  There is a CD comp issued by Cattle Records:

(Thanks to Tom of the Minneapolis Record Show for letting me borrow this record)

Warrior WA 505
Year: 1958
Label location: San Antonio, Texas
Pressed by: Texas Sound Studios

I Don't Care What They Say

I Couldn't Win Your Love

Click here to --->>>Download (with surprise)


DrunkenHobo said...

Big Thanks for the bonus. I will update my AD (IA) rockhall piece.
On Collector clcd 4485 Rock & Roll With Piano there is a Jerry Smith singing Smokey Corners. Is this same guy? Anybody know original 45rpm label & date of issue?
Thanks Dean

Derik said...

I got an email from a guy named Fred. He wrote:

Jerry Smith was in his early career known as Jerry The Yodeling Cowboy. In 1940 he was in Hollywood long enough to appear in three western movies: West Of Pinto Basin with the Range Busters and in The Kid From Santa Fe and Covered Wagon Trails with Jack Randall all with the Monogram studio. The story is that he was offered a contract but didn’t like Hollywood and returned to WHO Des Moines, Idaho where he was a star. He was popular enough that Regal put out a stencilled guitar with Jerry The Yodeling Cowboy similar to the Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, Wilf Carter, etc. I have West Of Pinto Basin and impressed with his singing and yodeling. Apparently when he started recording in the late ‘40’s he had changed his style and was doing the country music of the tday. American Music Inc. published two Jerry Smith song folios, one in 1939 and one in 1941.

There’s a good picture of the Jerry The Yodeling Cowboy guitar in the Cowboy Guitars book by Steve Evans. Just dug out my Jerry Smith song books and one has several pictures from the movie West Of Pinto Basin.