Friday, June 20, 2014

Robin Lee And The Lavenders

Photo of Circle Dot Recording Studios, from back of Minnesota Rockabilly Volume 2 LP

I believe this was one of the labels owned by Dave Dudley.  No hard evidence though, so don't quote me.  They only issued a handful of 45s (probably 500 copies each) and no LPs that I know of.  I think they were mostly a song publishing company.

This blog post has much more for further reading:

Circle Dot 103
Year: 1960
Label location: Minneapolis, Mn
Pressed by: RCA

Walk Away

Pretty Patti

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Mellow said...

One of the labels? You know of more Dudley ran?

Derik said...

He supposedly also owned Golden Wing (later changed to Golden Wing at the request of Mercury Records), as well as the Golden Wing subsidiary Rosie label. I also suspect he was involved with others.

David Hersk said...

To my knowledge Circle Dot did not have a recording studio. All of their recordings were done at Kay Bank. I also believe Chuck Carson may have had an interest in Circle Dot. I believe they were a publishing and marketing company only. Golden Wing was their label also, there may have been others too.

Mellow said...

Dudley worked as an A&R manager for Golden Wing from 1960 on. The label was owned by Jim Madison.

And beware of what Cees Klopp has written on his White Label/Collector LPs, many of the given information is simply wrong.