Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Perk Williams

Pretty confident this is a Bob Tanner production, with a plus and minus sign after the record number. I'm guessing the matrix is the date January 22, 1963.

Twirl 103
Year: 1963
Label location: Taylor, Texas
Pressed by:  Texas Sound Studio TSS 630122


Why The Blues Are Blue

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beamon forse said...

This will be a TNT custom press if it has the plus / minus indication on the labels.
The TSS , is an abbreviation for THE TEXAS SOUND STUDIO ,Jeff Smiths recording studio on 506 west hildebrand , in San Antonio , The top, or one of the top studios in Texas in late 50s / 60s.
You should be able to date the recording with the matrix info in the deadwax too..
so TSS , Then month , date / year follows after. Perk was the long standing member / vocalist in Jimmy Heaps band for some lengthy duration. Trying out under his own name here of course....

AB said...

TSS Texas Sound Studio. A different studio than Tanner's. Tanner did not do mastering, TSS did.

Derik said...

Thanks to both for the info.

DrunkenHobo said...

Malcolm Chapman has some more TSS Custom pressing in one of his blogs here