Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Buddy Jack

Barry K. John lists Arlen 1001 as being from 1963, with a question mark next to the listing meaning he wasn't sure.  This sounds earlier to my ears.  I'd guess 50's.  He also mistakenly listed the label as being the same as Arlen from Pennsylvania, which it is not.

Arlen 1003, 1009, 1010
Year: ?
Label location: Culver City, California
Pressed by: ?

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DrunkenHobo said...

Nice. Will update my Arlen (CA) topic on rockhall and add these. Big Thanks Dean

Jaymz8604 said...

can you reup this? the link is dead

Derik said...

new links posted

Kye Potter said...

Dead again. I'd love to hear these.

Derik said...

Trying depositfiles this time.