Monday, March 3, 2014

Mary Cox

Rimrock 225
Year: 1967
Label location: Concord, Arkansas
Pressed by: Rimrock

Just In Case


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Mellow said...

Thanks for another Rimrock single. I just did a little more research on the Rimrock plant. If I'm right, then all the Rimrock 45s were pressed at Raney's own Rimrock pressing plant. Rimrock was the in-house label of the Rimrock pressing plant and studio. By the way: can you read what is etched into the dead wax?

Derik said...

In the deadwax:

RS-225 Nashville Matrix 88

Mellow said...

Okay, that was not what I expected. I have an ORK record (Jonesboro) that has the record number etched into the deadwax (OS-36-A/B) as well as "Rimrock 828". That leads me to the assumtion that Rimrock pressed the record and 828 was something like a client number or so.

That Nashville Matrix only says that metal parts for the pressing plant came from the Matrix of Nashville company, but I guess you know that.

Derik said...

Other Rimrock 45s also have "Nashville Matrix 88" in their dead wax.

Mellow said...

That 88 was probably Rimrock's client number at Nashville Record Productions, Inc., a mastering service in Nashville that used Matrix of Nashville metal parts. That's why "Nashville Matrix" is stamped in the deadwax. So I guess Nashville Record Production did lots of mastering for Rimrock.